Are you looking for a way to introduce your business to potential or new employees? HR videos such as a job preview video or a recruiting video, can be one of the best ways to communicate your message. This will help to filter out unsuited employees and narrow down potential workers who will help your business grow and succeed. However, not all HR videos are the same.

There is a difference and there are reasons to choose one HR video versus another. The answer lies in where you are in the hiring process—is the audience you wish to reach candidates potentially for hire or employees who work for you?

The role of a Recruiting video is to expand the pool of people that wish to work for your business or organization. Think of a funnel. You want that funnel stretched as wide as you can get it. For this reason you want to say as many positives about joining the company and about the particular position (s) as you can think of—the location of the company, the pay versus your competition, the hours, or anything else that would potentially make the audience of job candidates want to join your company. Remember, the amount of positive things you can say = expanding the funnel.

Producing a Job Preview video is not for the faint of heart. The concept behind the video was made popular by Disney (and others). This video is meant to show the job as realistically as possible—this means if the candidate is going to work in extreme temperatures, then say that; if the candidate is going to be faced with boredom, then say that; etc. Though this video is also intended to be shown to potential candidates, it differs from a Recruiting video in that the purpose of a Job Preview video is NOT to expand the funnel of applicants. Instead, its sole intention is to qualify the candidates, making a smaller pool of those willing to do the job. You may decide to produce both! You may produce just one Recruiting video and a Job Preview for numerous positions. How many times have you heard the saying, “you have to be specific, to be terrific”? The same logic works here.

Penn Waste OrientationVideo from Triscari on Vimeo.

Once a candidate has been hired, he or she falls into the category of employees. Producing a video that allows for consistency as well as setting expectations can be critical. A series of videos can be produced under the category of “Welcoming” the new hire—anything from Orientation through Dress Code or Benefits can be developed as either a stand alone piece or as something to add consistency to the message in the case where a “Live” trainer will be on site. As well, depending on the company and position a training video—for a Pont of Sale System or Installation (for examples) can be developed to both add consistency and set expectations.

You want you and your employees to successfully work as a team towards the same goals and expectations. When all team members have the same goal in mind, that’s when a business or organization can succeed and continue to grow.

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