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Power Behind Video

Let’s face it, your potential customers can only read so much about what your company’s products and services are. More than anything, they want to see it! You need to show it to them in a way you may not have imagined before, while distancing yourself from your competition. How many times have we seen

Are You Ready for a Career in Motion Design?

During the past decade, a new type of video production made its way to the mainstream, known as motion graphics. The term “motion graphics” has become universally accepted as a legitimate artform and profession that coexists with animation and visual effects, producing an encompassing term now known as motion design. As the name suggests, motion

Triscari Motion Graphics Reel

How can motion graphics help your business? Well for starters, what are motion graphics exactly? Loosely coined as “animation” or “effects”, motion graphics are essentially utilizing computer software to effectively marry multimedia elements such as video footage, info graphics, photography, typography, 3D, sound fx and narration to help explain a memorable message with a WOW

HR Videos? Yes!

Are you looking for a way to introduce your business to potential or new employees? HR videos such as a job preview video or a recruiting video, can be one of the best ways to communicate your message. This will help to filter out unsuited employees and narrow down potential workers who will help your

When To…

Is it just us or does everyone and their mom know “a guy with a camera”. With technology continually advancing, and consumer level equipment getting better and better, the gap between professional and hobbyist seems to be narrowing every day. It used to be easy making the decision on whether to have uncle Jim video