History - Triscari

History - Triscari

An epic journey
through Triscari history

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"Only one great way of having a great company, and that's by having great people. Our vision is to have the most talented professionals working with successful companies, and making Central PA a mecca of creativity, merging the art of science and communication."

- Sebastian Triscari, CEO & Founder

Company Milestones


The beginning of it of all.

In 1973, "Triscari Enterprises" was formed.
By each production, Triscari began to build a repertoire of quality work and quality business relationships. Working with big names such as WHP-TV, MDA Telethons, Bon-Ton and many more, Triscari built a solid foundation in video production and live broadcast.

Company Expansion

On April 1st 1993, Sebastian Triscari purchased the current location of the studio at 59 Central Blvd., Camp Hill, PA.
The company was soon renamed "Triscari Productions Incorporated" to better adhere to the company's reputation of quality video production. Year-after-year the name "Triscari" spread through to businesses and organizations within the Central PA region.

Adding Services

By 2003, the "Triscari Group" was formed by adding in Website Design & Development services.
Only a short decade after, specialists in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) were brought in to further complete the Marketing Firm as a whole. By 2008 Triscari Group was ranked #8 in Website Design and #12 in Advertising/Marketing/PR Firm in Central PA.

Celebrating 40 years

Re-branded as Triscari - Video | Web | Marketing.
Celebrated 40 years in the business and 20 years at 59 Central Blvd. Watch the following video about our 25 year anniversary and a brief tour through history.


Our Present looks to the Future

Our vision:
  • Continue to build long-lasting relationships with clients, the community and our staff.
  • Create a valuable resource in the marketplace.
  • Be a reliable resource for creating high-quality services for our clients.
  • Grow our environment and attract and grow our creative team.

Call us – we will help you discover ways to grow your company or organization!