How can motion graphics help your business? Well for starters, what are motion graphics exactly? Loosely coined as “animation” or “effects”, motion graphics are essentially utilizing computer software to effectively marry multimedia elements such as video footage, info graphics, photography, typography, 3D, sound fx and narration to help explain a memorable message with a WOW factor.

Motion graphics are everywhere such as TV spots, movies, Internet videos, and mobile devices. The development of motion graphics enables companies to communicate with some of the most cutting-edge methods in digital media today.

Many businesses struggle to maintain a viewers attention for more than 5 seconds. A typical video without the use of motion graphics can look static and boring in comparison to the quality that comes along with great post-production. Adding motion graphics can help engage the viewer and guide them through complex processes and create a deeper understanding of your message, product or service.

The choice to use motion graphics or traditional video footage is rarely an either/or decision to make. At Triscari we typically include some element of motion graphics in all of our productions, even if it’s as little as animating a logo at the beginning and end of a video. However, there are some circumstances in which motion graphics takes a front seat:

1. When there is little to film (in a physical sense)

For example, an Information Technology company may struggle to explain their complex technical services. An animated diagram, or animation illustrating how “cloud services” actually work, is invaluable.

2. When visual impact is paramount

Motion graphics work great at trade shows where big, bold messages can be animated to help you stand out from the noisy crowd and grab the attention of your audience. Traditional video using narration or interviews simply won’t work. People can’t hear it!

3. Internet marketing

YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine and it’s a fact that 1/3 of online activity is spent watching video clips. Motion graphics can have a more immediate impact than traditional video, making them ideal for short, stylized advertisements and home page videos.

4. When working with smaller budgets

Maybe it’s not in your current marketing budget to coordinate a production crew, go on location with a bunch of gear, and hire an actor(s) and subject matter expert(s) to perform tasks on camera. Maybe you are targeting a younger audience and want a talking squirrel in a city park to speak the benefits of staying in school. Motion graphics are the answer. There is no need for expensive animal trainers. 🙂

Overall, when it comes to catching your viewers attention and creating that “wow” factor, you need to put things in motion. Here at Triscari, that means consulting with our Post Production team to see how we can bring your brand to life for powerful results.