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Online Sales Will Thrive!

You’ve probably heard about the growing successes of E-Commerce and online sales. Well that trend is not about to slow anytime soon. In fact, according to a sales forecast from Forrester Research Inc., online retails sales are predicted to grow 57% by 2018, growing from $263 billion to $414 billion. Forecasts of these rising sales

When To…

Is it just us or does everyone and their mom know “a guy with a camera”. With technology continually advancing, and consumer level equipment getting better and better, the gap between professional and hobbyist seems to be narrowing every day. It used to be easy making the decision on whether to have uncle Jim video

Business E-Commerce

Last year over the four day Thanksgiving holiday including Black Friday and the weekend, approximately 139.4 million consumers made purchases online. Some enjoy the thrill of the hunt out in the crowds. Others (like myself and the millions of others previously mentioned) enjoy making those purchases from the comfort of their own home and avoiding